Rename the stadium: AKWA IBOM INTERNATIONAL STADIUM. Give a sense of collective ownership.

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Constructed in 2014 with well over 90million US Dollars, the international stadium in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state was a major sacrifice that Akwa Ibom taxpayers collectively made to ensure that the state was significantly registered on a global map. With the approval of Akwa Ibom people through the state Legislature, our commonwealth was invested, and today, the 30,000 capacity stadium stands to reflect the resolve of the average Akwa Ibom man to put the interest of Akwa Ibom ahead of his personal desires.

To honour and to continue to encourage this inherent patriotic spirit of our great sons and daughters across the land therefore, it is only appropriate and respectful that this monument be named after AKWA IBOM, to reflect collective ownership of the facility by each and everyone of us. Naming the facility AKWA IBOM INTERNATIONAL STADIUM will serve as a memorial for the collective sacrifices that we made at a time when we faced great economic hardship.

Being the only international monument that we have, naming the stadium after Akwa Ibom will promote a collective sense of pride as well as more solidly stamp ‘Akwa Ibom’ in global consciousness as international events are broadcast from the facility.

While one must acknowledge the great many sacrifices made by leaders whom God used to facilitate projects in the state like the international stadium in Uyo, one must also accept without reservations the fact that none of these leaders is greater than the entire people and state itself.

This petition gives you the opportunity to put back our state on the path of honour, glory, and respect for our people, by asking the state legislative body to do the right thing by renaming the stadium after AKWA IBOM STATE.