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Akron Beacon Journal's Bob Downing and Mayor Don Plusquellic: Investigate the cluster of environmental illnesses in Castle Homes.

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UPDATE: 1000+ signatures.  No reponse from:

Rick Desrosiers - Editor - Akron Beacon Journal -
Bob Downing - Environemental Writer - Akron Beacon Journal
Don Plusquellic - Akron Mayor
Billy Soule - Assistant to the Mayor for Community Relations
Susan Pastor - Region 5 EPA - Community Relations Officer
David Seely - Region 5 EPA - Remedial Toxic Waste Dump Clean Up Manager

For over 30 years residents of Castle Homes, a quiet working class neighborhood in South West Akron, Ohio have been demanding answers as to why there seems to be such high concentrations of Cancer, Fibromyalgia, Crohn's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Chronic Fatigue and other "unexplained illnesses" in their neighborhood.

Recently, a short film - posted above - was released showing exactly how The Akron Beacon Journal misreported on the extent of pollution from US EPA Superfund site 'Summit Equipment & Supplies' located at 875 Ivor Avenue Akron, Ohio.

The film shows that The Beacon reported that there was no PCB issues with the lake, and then reported just three years later that 492 cubic yards of PCB filled sand had to be removed from the beach of previously mentioned "clean" lake.  The film also shows how the Region 5 EPA office botched the investigation.

After release of the short film the Akron Beacon Journal -with awareness of our communty's efforts and the short film itself -  published an "ad" filled with misinformation from the US EPA that flatly ignored the illness of the families, friends, and neighbors of Castle Homes. 

Nor will they address the misreports or the absurd level of human collateral damage resulting from the newspaper and the Ohio and US EPA refusing to correctly educate the residents of Akron to a known public health issue, and the lasting effects to exposure to toxic waste.

Signing this petition is important because we feel that Beacon Journal's Bob Downing and Don Plusquellic have a mandate to protect the public health. It seems these organizations feel as if disregarding our three-decades-of-complaints is of no consequence to them. It's almost as if they consider us, as a community, to be expendable.

We feel, as citizens of The United States that we have the right, as established by law, to have the state of our collective health evaluated and protected by the organizations our tax dollars and personal wallet's fund. We're the one's paying these organizations. All we want is for them to do their jobs. 

Your support of our cause gives us, as a very small community, a greater voice than we can accomplish ourselves. Please, sign this petition, share it with your friends and family. Fight for what is right and make these irresponsible people and organizations answer for their actions.

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