Empower a youth today, Change Africa!

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I am a 29 year old male who has come a long way in Aquaculture and Importation business. I had great passion for business and had nothing more than the passion and a bankable business plan as my only capital. In the year 2011 I was empowered with a seed capital to startup a small business in my backyard. Six years later today I have grown that business into a multi-million Naira (Nigerian Currency) venture. Again in 2016 I got another motivation to forge even further.

All thanks to the opportunities I got! I therefore strongly feel there are hundreds of thousands of youths like me out there with strong passion and a clear understanding of a business they want to start.

It is no news that the rate of unemployment in Africa is the highest in the world and still on the rise! At the same time more than just a few new businesses are springing up yearly with a handful of them becoming sustainable.

How beautiful would it be if every new successful business empowers a few youths within their capacities?

It is in this note that I have pledged to empower 5 enthusiastic entrepreneurs with 9 months of hands-on intensive training in starting and running and Aquaculture business (Fish Farming) and a small seed capital to start their own farm in their backyards. This will be followed by a close monitoring for another 6 months until their first harvest.

I am therefore calling on every business owner to also take a pledge to empower at least one youth yearly. This will create a geometric effect in cutting down unemployment, crime, social vises and positively contribute to growing Africa's Economy.  

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