AKC to allow QQ's and points to transfer from MACH to PACH

AKC to allow QQ's and points to transfer from MACH to PACH

June 2, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by tina Fitzpatrick

This petition respectfully requests that AKC allow a one-time transfer of “leftover” MACH QQs and points to the PACH program when a dog moves to Preferred.


The Preferred program allows handlers to choose to run a dog one jump height lower than the height the dog measures into.  

While some dogs run at their preferred height for their entire careers, for others this is a choice made when “it is time”.  For example, a dog is returning from injury or is aging and simply needs a less physically demanding jump height.

A dog moving to Preferred has usually accumulated QQs and points towards a MACH that it will not complete, and those accomplishments are left behind.  Some handlers simply retire from competing in AKC rather than try to start from scratch in Preferred.  This is disappointing for the teams involved, and a loss of revenue to the local clubs holding trials, and the AKC. Some handlers delay moving to Preferred, even though it is in the best interests of the dog, because they aren’t willing to leave points/QQs behind.  Allowing a one-time transfer would encourage sound choices.

COVID has also adversely impacted teams. Many were derailed for 1 or 2 years, a long time in the career of an agility dog, and lost valuable time working towards titles.  When they returned to competition, some found it was time for their dogs to move to Preferred.  

Other organizations encourage handlers to do what’s best for their dogs, by allowing transfers of leftover accumulations to alternate programs.  We strongly believe AKC and its agility teams would benefit from this option.

Suggested transfer program:

-Provisions of this program are meant to be in the best interest of the dog and should in no way provide additional reward to the team, nor disadvantage to another team.

-Each dog is allowed a ONE-TIME, irreversible transfer of leftover MACH QQs and points to the PACH program.

-NO secondary transfer is permitted. If a handler chooses to run the dog at regular height after the initial transfer, any regular points and QQs earned permanently remain in the regular program. (This should be a very rare occurrence.)

-National Events: QQs and MACH points transferred to Preferred during the qualifying periods for Invitationals and National Agility Championship (NAC) will not count towards qualification for Preferred classes at those events. If this is not feasible, dogs would forfeit ability to qualify as a Preferred competitor in Invitationals or NAC for the qualifying period in which the transfer occurred.

Master and Metallic Titles: For purposes of determining Master and Metallic titles, legs are counted only in the program where they were earned. 

Conclusion: our goal is to encourage handlers to make the best choices for their dogs’ well-being.  The transferred legs have been earned running the same courses, with stricter course time limits, and a one-time transfer of their accomplishments has many undeniable advantages with no discernible adverse impacts.

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Signatures: 5,821Next Goal: 7,500
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