Qatar airways; Stop taking advantage of Iranian customers

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Qatar airways has suddenly significantly increased the prices for tickets departing from Iran to Australia. This is while the same ticket from Australia to Iran is still the normal price.

(For example: flight:  29/11/2019-3/3/2020)

Iran to Australia return : 1972.46 USD

Australia to Iran return: 1006.81 USD

I should add, based on the Qatar website the airport taxes at Iranian airports are much less than Australian airports.

It is true that airfares can differ slightly in reverse paths but close to double the price is unusual and unfair. The Iranian people are under great economic sanctions and going through hardship and what does Qatar airways do ?  Double the ticket prices. Elderly parents and families have to pay extraordinary prices to see their children, grandchildren and loved ones.

How do you justify people departing from Iran paying double the fee. If anything, and if there was any good will, one would expect Qatar airways to give slight discounts to Iranians considering these hard times. 

This extraordinary difference in cost is unjustifiable.  We demand Qatar airways reduces the costs back to what they used to be and not discriminate against a nation that has been nothing but friends with your country.