Improvement of the game Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

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Improvement of the game Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

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The game Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle has some success around the world, many people play it, but many people complain about the game and some bugs, problems and game mechanisms that are real worries to the good game experience for the players and thus are slowing the economy of the game. In this petition we will address the different points that can be changed by Akatsuki to improve the game.

Update : lots of points are now ingame, thus seeming that Akatsuki/Bandai Namco has heard us. I'm making an update to organize these : Points which are in game/Points we need/Points which are a plus/News points

Points wich are now in game :

1. Increased difficulty in events

The cards are currently too powerful for the levels, an increased difficulty will restore interest in the game.

2. Put categories earlier and put the leads of Gogeta SSJ4 and Omega Shenron

An immense disappointment is seized of the players when they realized that the cards expected to be the most awaited are not finished and are only half available, the categories being absent from the GLB version, the Gogeta SSJ4 and Omega Shenron leads are not available at this time. Players are waiting for the categories to be advanced and only the Gogeta SSJ4 and Omega Shenron categories are put into play so that they can enjoy 100% of both characters.

3. A more regular return of ALL events

Many events are only played once a year, players will like a regular return of ALL events, not just a few.

4. Hidden potential system faster

The hidden potential is slow, advancing orb by orb takes time and players wait for an option to complete a branch in one click.

Now we have the most needed points :

1. Friends list

The friends list is not optimized despite the updates, it spoils the gaming experience because of bugs and an unnecessary system. It's been several months since a bug is present, when we have to choose a friend from the list nothing appears, we sometimes have to leave and come back several times to solve this problem. It has to be corrected.

The friends list in itself is not well thought, when the player plays a level he should be able to precisely choose the wanted friend instead of having to refresh many times in order to find the preferred friend, the players will like to be able to play with some team but can not because some characters do not appear in the friend list. If players could choose the leader character themselves, for example by typing the name of the expected character in a search bar, this would allow for a highly anticipated diversity and would allow a better appreciation of the game. Players also expect the friend list to be separated in two parts for the Extreme and Super characters so that it is more orderly.

2. Remove or decrease the rate of the R characters from summons with Dragon Stones

The R characters are a calamity, when players pay to do a multi summon and have a multi with 10 R that cuts them the urge of summon, the Rs should be predominantly available on the summon with friends points, which will give them a real rarity. You can increase the drop of SRs at 90% for no change about SSRs drops.

3. Reduce the JAP-GLB gap

Reducing the JAP-GLB gap to the maximum will prevent problems such as the absence of categories that do not allow for a complete game, narrowing the gap will allow a shorter wait of players and a greater hype for the characters

We have now the new points which are very important

1. Respect for Global players

The office that manages the global version has no respect for the people who pay their salary. We're playing the game, we're paying in the game but we don't have any respect and we are just considered like wallets on legs. This NEEDS to change. Stop thinking players are dumb, stop trying to steal our money with Pilaf Chests wich are just a gigantisc scam, stop thinking global players are not aware about the Japanese version and stop thinking about only your happiness, think that if player is happy they will return this to you with free advertising and purchase in game.

2. Same rewards and compensations as Japan version

For the same events and bugs we should have the same rewards and compensations. For a minimal bug the japan version get 300 DS or DS refunded. The global version for same type of bug get a message "this error will not affect the gameplay" and nothing in compensation, this is not normal, we need the same things.

3. Communication

We need communication from the developpers, it's not hard to put just 1 employee to talk to the community, talk about the bug and the future of the game, we just need COMMUNICATION.

4. Increase the server capacities

A lot of players can't play the game because they can't download news updates because of your server capacities. It's not normal to have an 30 seconds "Now loading" at each click in the game. You need top put a little bit of the enormous lot of money you get for increase your server.

Now we have the points which are a plus for improve the game :

1. New gameplay

The game is boring and repetitive, players wait for new gameplay such as Player vs. Player, Raid Boss or Multiplayer.

2. HD Cards

One of the most anticipated additions is the high-definition cards, the design of the prettiest cards is ruined because the cards are a porridge of pixels, the details of the cards are invisible. This addition would be optional so that different phones can choose whether or not to put the cards in HD so as not to disturb the fluidity of the game.

3. The encyclopedia already on Japan version

The encyclopedia is already present on the Japanese version of the game, a lot of players are waiting for this addition, this will allow players to see the cards in detail and thus incite them to summon for characters who might not have been interested before.

4. Tournament

The tournaments are far too long, the rhythm is untenable and the majority of people do not do it because too long, a duration of 2/3 days per tournament will be excellent.

The summons of tournaments are inconceivable , players perform days of farming to recover obsolete and ridiculously null character, the pack should be changed to allow players to have good characters, which will give them the motivation to play.

5. The shiny background of cards

A lot of players hate the retro shiny effect that the cards have once Dokkan'd, an option to put it on or take it off is expected.

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Cette pétition avait 23 581 signataires

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