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Petitioning Akame Restaurant, Bali.

Akame Resturant, Bali: Please release the two captive Dolphins you keep in the restaurant.

These two captive Dolphins where taken from the wild and now live in a little tank in the Akame restaurant so tourists can watch them as they eat. The tank is way to small for them and filled with green, dirty water. There are numerous reports of them being under fed. The conditions and life of these Dolphins is appalling and should be stopped. These Dolphins are probably some of the worst kept captive dolphins in the world! All because of the greed of a restaurant owner. This has to end now!

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Akame Restaurant, Bali.
Please release the two captive dolphins you keep in the restaurant. They really don't belong there. The conditions they are kept in are appalling. There are many people in the world who oppose this and word is now spreading about your restaurant. This is not the kind of publicity you want. Please free them.

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