They clean sewage they are not sewage.

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Fun Fact - Sewage workers are part of our society.

Though they are not very well accepted,they contribute in our society.They risk their life to ensure upkeep of the sewage system but for years they have received a little in return.Apart from social atrocities that they face they are exposed to many health issues due to their occupation.

Sewer workers die because they are not provided with safety equipments.In India it is a caste based occupation (most workers are members of castes that traditionally cleaned dry latrines) so the deaths do not matter.

According to law, workers who do the dangerous work have to be given gas masks,safety harness belts and helmets and as you know India is known for following rules ( sarcasm).The rules are there only on paper.They are not implied and hence workers die or face health issues.

They unwillingly do this just to get two times food. Because of them we live in clean and dry place. It is our responsibility to take care of their lives.

Let's give them assurity of their lives.                            Let's give them safety equipments.                                Let's give them their right.


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