Stop giving brokerage for the 2nd year if you are continuing with the same flat in Mumbai.

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All the tenants residing in Mumbai are aware that the brokers charge brokerage every year even if you are continuing with the same flat. I understand they are supposed to be paid Service charge for their services as they help you get the right house but that should only be for the first year and not the consecutive year if the tenant is continuing with the same flat.The problem here is that the owners in a lot of these cases support the broker as the brokers make sure that their house is always rented out and the owner gets his monthly income from it. This problem is evergrowing and there have been instances where the tenant has had altercation or has been asked to move out of the house citing silly excuses if he/she denied to pay the brokerage for the consecutive year.A lot of these brokers have their own syndicate and they threaten you in various capacities if you deny to pay the brokerage for the second or consecutive year.This has to stop immediately as it does not make sense to pay any brokerage for the second year for the same flat when the broker is actually not yielding any service and to top this up most of these brokers are not even registered. This has to stop immediately as it is illegal and you can't extort people's hard earned money without providing any service to them in actuality especially when the owner and tenant are in consensus.