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Data Caps on land-based Broadband connections only do two thing: create a new market for the ISP oligarchy in a region, and prevent streaming media from continuing to be a competition.

I live in the city of Las Vegas and Cox is the only viable ISP offering speeds above 10Mbps in my area.

They have recently implemented a 1TB data cap where you are charged $10 per 50GB for overages above 1TB in a month. They offer plans for an additional 500GB for $30 or Unlimited data for $50.

For those of you who have a household of cord-cutting streamers, you're now paying MORE for the SAME service you were able to use before.

The FCC needs to do something about data caps on broadband. This imaginary limit is now forcing people to pay more to use what should be a basic utility. I would even accept a throttled connection like mobile phone providers use.

ISP's can claim that higher data usage will bog down their network, but this is a complete lie in Las Vegas. We house data centers and some of the most advanced fiber infrastructure in the country.

I'm asking to have data caps regulated. Either outlaw them, allow for bandwidth throttling (allow at LEAST 75% of purchased speed), or create a minimum limit of 5TB for data caps that is revisited every few years.

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