Make it illegal to identify mass shooters by face/name. Eliminate the incentive of infamy

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Enough is enough with these mass shootings in our country.   Everyone wants them to stop but no one can agree on the best way to stop them.  Gun control and mental health treatment are too politicized. 

I therefore propose that we make it illegal to identify mass shooters in any way on any form of media.  They should forever remain nameless and not be rewarded with the infamy they so desperately desire.  The constant media coverage these shooters get is clearly a big part of their motivation. 

Do you remember when fans would regularly streak at MLB games?  Well, the MLB made a decision to not allow these streaking fans to get any TV time and it essentially stopped the activity.

We all agree that these shootings need to stop, let's remove the shooter's incentive. Our children are counting on us. 

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