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Stop the Swap - Marvel Legends/Hasbro

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Aisle of Toys (Dallas OnAir's monthly toy podcast) host Cole Houston has created this is a petition to encourage Hasbro Toys to change the package format of their Marvel Legends action figure line to render these toys difficult if not impossible to open and swap out figures or parts.  Read on for more details:

While the Marvel Legends action figure line has been around since 2002 and the Build-a-Figure aspect has been part of said line since 2005, the focus of this petition has only been a bane to collectors since 2014.

Nine years after Galactus made every figure in a given wave of the Toy Biz/Hasbro action figure line the more sought after by those wishing to acquire the usually larger figures that were provided piecemeal, Hasbro introduced presentation box packaging that have made "swaplifting" a growing epidemic.  The current box format utilized for the line makes it simple for the dishonest to purchase these toys, pull out much sought after Build-a-Figure pieces, and either replace them with older, less desirable pieces from past waves, insert random small accessories or junk plastic, or simply leave the blister empty before returning the toy to the retailer for credit.  Worse yet, some elect to replace the figure they purchased with some other figure from a long defunct line or mix and match removable parts as a pointless joke that is an affront to collectors.  

Whether for fun or profit, this is a form of shoplifting that most retail store chains are oblivious to as it gnaws away at their profits by rendering viable merchandise unsalable.  While attempts at educating retail Loss Prevention personnel on the part of collectors serves some purpose, the reality is that consumers and retailers alike need to take this complaint right to the source.  To Hasbro.  The only way that this will end is for Hasbro to stop creating a circumstance of, albeit inadvertent, sanctioned shoplifting!

The "Aisle of Toys" podcast has spearheaded Stop the Swap to help put an end to swaplifting by petitioning Hasbro (and even Mattel with their DC Multiverse line) to change their packaging format to one that cannot be opened and manipulated undetected by their 2019 product release schedule.  

Please help send a message to Hasbro that collectors care less about the pretty boxes than what is held within.  We are tired of the disappointment of finding a hard-to-find action figure which has been effectively ruined by greed or juvenile pranks.  Tell Hasbro that it is only a matter of time before retailers lose interest in this line of toys that we love because they lose money on every wave.


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