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These are unprecedented times.  People are worried more than ever about health, safety, financial income, bills, etc. 

We booked in good faith us Airtransat.  We paid them our hard earned money to provide us a service.  Through no fault of our own, Air Transat will not be able to provide us with said paid service.

They are offering vouchers.  Great. However what about the elderly people who may not be able to travel again?  What about the people who booked for special occasions, events? What about large group bookings who may not be able to travel as a group again?  What about the people who need that money now due to job layoff, increased hydro bills, increased costs associated with having to stock up on provisions to get through this uncertain time? What about the people who just want AirTransat to do the right thing and refund them THEIR hard earned money?  What happens if AirTransat goes bankrupt? Travel credit is NOT the answer.  FULL REFUNDS are.

We need to push back.  We need to make them do the right thing and refund us.

Please sign this petition to show them that they cannot do whatever they want.  Sign this petition to join the action in demanding our hard earned money back into our pockets where it belongs.  We paid them in good faith and they are unable to complete their end of the contract so they need to do what is right and refund us.