Start Screening in NZ for the Coronavirus Outbreak

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Why wait for it to "MAYBE" arrive in New Zealand...

It's assumed it began in a fish market in the city centre of Wuhan with almost 830 cases reported (25/01/2020) and at least 26 people have died from it since the start of the month. There have been confirmed case throughout the Asia countries, The United States, France and in Australia, NSW and Queensland where there are no confirmed cases but 6 people are being investigated and two have been cleared and released.  

It's clear it is beginning to spread somehow, it aren't clear how it started, how it spreads between humans etc. It's a new virus and still being understood and that could take weeks maybe months! So why not try and find ways to at least help control it by screening at our Airports now? With people from Asia expected to arrive for Luna New Year holidays and with over 100 students and teachers based from Wuhan expecting to start University in Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington and Manawatū, why can't we have a screening set up to take the right steps in helping control the Coronavirus? I'm sure New Zealanders as well as anyone traveling to and from New Zealand would appreciate some sort of effort.

We can't just keep waiting, hearing updates of where it's spreading too. It's still January and it's now beginning to spread to other parts of the world and if it hits us then what? We may not be a direct flight from Wuhan but people can still travel to New Zealand but we are still close enough for people to travel too. It took us almost a year to ease the Measles outbreak within New Zealand. Why not get the Government, Health officials and all those who can make it happen to get screening set up and running to help try prevent more of these cases spreading and help ease those people traveling to our country and us here just waiting...

Let's have a say in this to at least help contain the Coronavirus