While Sahrawis are suffering in refugee camps, AirBnB profits from their stolen homes

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We, the undersigned, demand that AirBnB removes its home rental listings in the occupied territories of Western Sahara.

Airbnb currently listing properties for rent in Moroccan occupied territories of Western Sahara in a clear violation of the international law, supporting a brutal occupation furthermore undermining the United Nations-led peace process put in place to bring an end to the suffering of people.
In 1975, at least 200,000 Sahrawis were forced to flee their homes in Western Sahara, after Morocco invaded their country. Today they live in Refugee camps in one of the harshest living conditions e.g. extreme heat, lack of access to water or electricity and the reliance on humanitarian food aid for their survival.
Over the course of four decades of a brutal occupation, Morocco has facilitated a settlement program, moving over 300,000 Moroccan citizens into Western Sahara. Moroccan settlers now count for the majority populations of the occupied territories. The Moroccan settlement enterprise violates several international laws such as exercising control over a territory those indigenous populations are entitled, under international human rights law, to self-determination keep in mind that Morocco occupied the territory using force, therefore, violating the international humanitarian law.
Airbnb is adding to their suffering by listing their stolen homes for rent for the sole benefit of the settlers. In doing so, Airbnb too violates many international laws.

We were encouraged by Airbnb recent progress and step in the right direction by pulling out of the illegal Israeli settlements in West Bank Palestine and we demand that you do the same in Western Sahara.

This petition was started by the Sahrawi Advocacy Campaign, Sahrawi Association in Canada, and Sahrawi Association in USA.
For more information visit: https://tbinternet.ohchr.org/Treaties/CESCR/Shared%20Documents/MAR/INT_CESCR_CSS_MAR_21582_E.pdf