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Airbnb provide a religious exception for Hosts to have discretion for their guests

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I would like to continue as an Airbnb community participant, and that community maintains my freedom of religious practice in my home.

I recently sent the following letter to Airbnb given their new policy:"You commit to treat everyone—regardless of race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation or age—with respect, and without judgment or bias".

I read your recent policy with mixed emotions. I am very supportive of the internet being available to all peoples, all places, with out any boundaries. This is after all the core of the freedom the internet provides. As a network sourcing company, I am very encouraged that Airbnb would have a clear and without reservation (pun intended) policy on the freedom that the company affords all its participants (hosts) to participate in the community.

I provide a very warm, comfortable, family home. I give every aspect possible of hospitality to our guests. Our guests know that they are treated with the utmost respect and service. I do this from the heart of my beliefs that service to others is a valuable gift.

However, I am now the one being discriminated against, since I will not promote some life styles in my home. I will, according to your new policy, be required to take all comers.  As all hosts are being required to follow this, my religious beliefs are being pushed aside. Instead of Airbnb affirming the commitment to being open to all, Airbnb is now going to exclude from the community those who, for religious or other reasons for that matter, do not accept all comers.

As an example, I recently had a potential client who was looking for a place for her boyfriend to stay, while she would be at her own home. I asked in a message if their intention would be to stay the night together in my home. I also informed them, that because of my faith, I can not promote premarital sex in my home. If that was their intention, then I encouraged them to find another home. I invited them to stay as guests, he could stay alone overnight and both enjoy our hospitality, and said that we would not be ok with them spending the night together in a private room. NOT because I am judging them, and because I should (last I knew America was a free country, where one is free to practice their religion) have the freedom to determine what practices I promote in my home.

I am deeply saddened that instead of allowing hosts the freedom to determine whom is welcome in their home, Airbnb is now requiring me to set aside my beliefs to participate. I cannot. A small history lesson, there was a time the British government had a law that dictated to colonists that they had to provide housing "quarters" to their soldiers. That was seen as a violation of the colonist freedom, as they had no voice in whom they had to provide housing. Apparently, Airbnb is now engaging in the same type of requirements, which is tragic. Freedom isn't freedom, unless everyone in the community is free to practice their beliefs.

I would like the choice to participate in Airbnb without restricting my freedom. I hope you rethink your policy.

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