Covid-19 Airbnb Hosts Economic Hardship

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Covid-19 Airbnb Hosts Economic Hardship:

We request Airbnb to honor/retroactively reinstate the original cancellation policy for All Hosts *while also* taking care of the guests.

As we are all aware across the world, life (and travel) as we know it has stopped for the unforeseeable future. Suddenly, during this novel coronavirus outbreak {COVID-19}, the Airbnb Leadership decided to override the original cancellation policy that provided a partial refund to both hosts and guests, created & implemented a significant alteration to the refund policy overnight. Airbnb refunds the guests 100%, while leaving millions of Hosts, Superhosts and Co-Hosts in the dust with 0% refunds! Airbnb wrote: "We are providing the following coverage for COVID-19 under our extenuating circumstances policy to help protect our community and provide peace of mind."

Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia and Nate Blecharczyk you are the founders of Airbnb: we REALLY appreciate you taking care of Airbnb's amazing guests, hats off to you for looking out for them! Absolutely, yes!! That being said how is this alteration to the policy "protecting our community and providing peace of mind?"  The Hosts, Superhosts and Co-Hosts are the ones who have driven your Airbnb to a thriving $38+Billion success!! Many Hosts, Superhosts and Co-Hosts are self-employed and rely on guests’ bookings to cover personal/family expenses, food, mortgage, as well as professional bills, housekeepers, gardeners, handymen…. Hosts’ families (and their support staff) around the world are facing a scary list of financial hardships brought on by this sudden/new cancellation policy that favors the guests and leaves Hosts, Superhosts and Co-Hosts in the dust. 

This this sudden alteration to the cancellation policy is negating our ability to pay for our own/family bills, causing us to lay off our helpful staff (and hardships to their families), as well as possibly losing our homes. When we lose our homes, Airbnb loses Hosts, Superhosts and Co-Hosts, and nobody wins! Cancellations, and this sudden alternation to the policy implemented overnight during this novel coronavirus outbreak {COVID-19} are causing ZERO peace of mind and a massive amount of hardships to all of us hosts worldwide as our bookings went from weeks-in-advance-fully-booked to our dashboard showing $0 (instead of the amount the original cancellation policy allowed). 

I was one of your speakers at #AirbnbOpen as well as two TEDx, and I had the chance to meet the three of you at the helm Brian, Joe & Nate. I could sense you are decent guys, I admire your sense of leadership, and I thought you care about your community of hosts. The essence of our #BelongAnywhere community is built on close proximity with guests who arrive as strangers and leave as friends. So we request of you to honor these guests’ cancellations *while*at*the*same*time* also honoring/retroactively reinstating the original cancellation policy for us hosts so that we may receive our partial payouts, the way they originally were, before you altered it overnight. Brian, Joe & Nate, you know that is the decent thing to do. 

Personally, I have been a 4.9 star SupetHost for 8 years, and in 72 hours I’ve lost over 2 months worth of income. There are many hosts in similar situations and even worst. You and Airbnb are where you are, $38 Billion and counting, thanks us Hosts, Superhosts and Co-Hosts. Apple and Tim Cook closed all Apple stores for two weeks and are paying everybody in full. Getting paid in full would be a huge relief during this difficult time. We are simply asking to please take care of your Hosts, Superhosts and Co-Hosts by honoring/retroactively reinstating your original cancellation policy. My family in Italy has been on lockdown for weeks, and what we’re feeling here in the US is only the beginning as we see our incomes drop to zero.

You’ve posted “Our community is our first priority”: You modified the original cancellation policy overnight you can reverse it just as fast, without penalizing your guests, NOR forgetting your hosts! Simply honor/retroactively reinstate the original cancellation policy that was in place before you just suddenly it. Do not turn your backs on the people who allowed your business to flourish. 

If you are reading this and you have stayed in an Airbnb around the world & loved your host, thank you for signing this petition for them - they need your support!

All of us here signing this petition request of Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia, Nate Blecharczyk and the entire Aibnb leadership to hear our need for support, as we see not only our own financial difficulties, but also the sacrifice of our livelihoods as we make massive efforts to keep our homes & continue to host with love when life returns to normal. #SupportTheHosts 

Gratefully in partnership,

Pina De Rosa, Airbnb Super Host & co-Host, Los Angeles California