Stop the sale and distribution of nitrous oxide to our children!

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On June 5, 2014 my 17 year old son Myles Edward Scott (Eddie) was killed in a vehicle after the driver inhaled nitrous oxide, passed out and hit a tree.  The nitrous was purchased earlier that day at a auto repair shop RCO Automotive and that shop purchased the nitrous from Air Source Industries. The sale was not intended for automotive use but as a drug for human consumption. Our children are being targeted by adults who are making a lot of money buy selling automotive grade nitrous to kids for inhaling and getting high. Eddie had graduated from high school one week prior and was an A student and good kid. He attended Bloomington Christian School since pre school. When I began looking into his death what I discovered was horrifying, a large number of deaths not only in California but nation wide all which are attributed to adults selling nitrous oxide to kids for huge profits. In Southern California Air Source Industries is the main supplier and they have known for years that kids are dying. But they put profit ahead of our kids health or safety. It's time for Air Source to stop selling Noz nitrous oxide to greedy adults who are killing innocent kids. It's time for our government to step up and protect our kids. 

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