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AIR FRANCE-KLM is the only major European carrier that still ships primates for medical research. PATTON BOGGS mediates global trade and transportation issues as lawyers and lobbyists for the airlines. Both are complicit in cruelty and scientific deceit.

Primates are trapped in trees rigged with nets. Stuffed into mesh sacks. They shriek and claw at enclosures. No one hears. They are taken.

Some are bred on barren, concrete farms that churn out live product for the international animal research trade. Nonhuman primates are valued models for experimentation, though they fail to produce clinical symptoms or data relevant to human disease processes, and can even mislead experimenters with false conclusions.

To reach research labs, animals are crated and trucked for miles. Most wind up in the extreme heat or cold of a plane's poorly ventilated cargo hold, where they are caged during flights that can last 60 hours.

They enter a world bound by metal bars, pain and fear. Primates are induced with human disease and injury. Experimenters poison, overdose and mutilate monkeys. Electrodes are lodged in exposed brain matter. Seizures are stimulated. Limbs removed…

This petition was delivered to:
  • Senior Vice President Corporate Communications
    Adeline Challon-Kemoun
  • Partner, Patton Boggs
    David E. Dunn
  • Partner, Patton Boggs
    Stephen J. McHale
    Alexander Juniac
  • Executive Vice President In-Flight Product, Air France
    Alain Bernard
  • Executive Vice President, Commercial France
    Christian Boireau
  • Executive Vice President Human Resources & Labor Relations
    Xavier Broseta
  • Executive Vice President Ground Operations
    Michel Emeyriat
  • Chief Financial Officer
    Frederic Gagey
  • Exec. Vice Pres. Organization & Corporate Social Responsibility
    Bertrand Lebel
  • Chief Commercial Officer
    Bruno Matheu
  • Executive Vice President Information Systems
    Edouard Odier
  • Executive Vice President Air France Cargo
    Florence Parly
  • Executive Vice President Flight Operations
    Eric Schramm
  • CEO of KLM
    Peter F. Hartman
  • CEO, Vice President of Air France KLM Cargo
    Camiel Eurlings
  • Partner, Patton Boggs
    Billy J. Cooper
  • Partner, Patton Boggs
    James B. Christian, Jr.
  • Partner, Patton Boggs
    David G. Mayer
  • Executive Vice President for Financial Affairs
    Philippe Calavia
  • Deputy General Manager Human Resources & Social Policy
    Jean-Claude Cros
  • Communications Director
    Francois Brousse
  • KLM CEO, Managing Director & Int'l Netherlands, Air France KLM
    Erik Varwijk
  • Vice President Customer Services
    Michiel Van der Eijk
  • Senior Policy Advisor, Patton Boggs
    Norma M. Krayem
  • Partner, Patton Boggs
    Marek Gootman
  • Ambassador
    Frank G. Wisner
  • Partner, Patton Boggs
    Daniel E. Waltz
  • Partner, Patton Boggs
    Michael J. Driver
  • Partner, Patton Boggs
    Timothy A. Chorba
  • Partner, Patton Boggs
    Philip A. Bangert
  • Of Counsel, Patton Boggs
    Gregory S. Walden
  • Senior Counsel, Patton Boggs
    Trent Lott
  • Partner, Patton Boggs
    Rodney E. Slater
    Alain Bassil

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