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Demand justice for injured Air Force employee

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Blake Halfacre was a General Aircraft Mechanic "AG" for the A-10 "Warthog" at Utah's Hill Air Force Base. He was injured by a slip and fall at work during an infamous ice coated day in Utah's extreme weather history January 24th 2013. Mr Halfacre injured his head neck and shoulder from that fall. After a five-week wait for surgical/ injury approval... Blake had reconstructive surgery for his shoulder, but before Mr. Halfacre's treating orthopedic surgeon could understand the entirety of his injuries... a doctor from the Hill Air Force Base Office of Medicine Services altered and falsefied his treating orthopedic doctors restrictions of "zero use of his body above the waist" to 5 pounds. Under the threat of losing his job... Mr. Halfacre was forced to return to a months worth of janitorial work with the later discovered knowlege that he also had a badly damaged neck. His neck injury required a surgical repair in the form of an artificial disc, or "cervical arthroplasty" from the doctors at University of Utah. This very painful and unnecessary return to work also triggered the acute stage of a rare neurological disorder called Parsonage Turner Syndrome. Now... with almost 4 years passing since that damaging return... Mr. Halfacre has experienced opposition instead of help from his employing agengy with no recognition of any new medical conditions including his neck and PTS. His employing agency has "removed" him from employment for "non disciplinary" reasons... only after attempts of disciplinary actions and denials of both compensation/ medical care for stretches as long as 6 months failed to keep him from fighting for his rights. This petition is to demand action from the Air Force Attorney investigating his 2 year old medical negligence and malpractice claim. The attorney representing the Air Force has made one empty promise of closure after the next in hopes that the circumstances get either better with age, or that his life and marriage fall apart. Will you sign? Click this link for more info

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