Air Canada to refund summer tickets for families that don’t feel safe to travel anymore

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I am sure my family case is not unique. 

We bought tickets early this year during an Air Canada promotions to travel to Italy for our summer vacation. At this point we don’t feel safe travelling anymore this summer. Air Canada is offering to give us credit till April 2021. This does not really work as I won’t be able to have time off to use those credit by April next year.

I am asking them to refund those tickets completely as this is for our safety during those tough times. Corporations should not profit from losses like this one. Air Canada please make it fair. Those tickets although non-refundable were not cheap over $4,000. I am sure that I can use that money differently in a crisis like this one. 

I would like to know if Air Canada executives would feel comfortable travelling this summer especially to Italy. Would you feel safe Air Canada? Do the right thing Air Canada. Look at other airlines in the US and Europe. Be a Canadian company for Canadians. This is not the time that you should be making profits from individuals and families, especially that you laid off most of your staff and you were running after the government to benefit from their relief package when you found out that you could. REFUND TICKETS