Air Canada: Restore Taiwan as the Country Listed for Taiwanese Airports

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Air Canada, bowing to threats from the Chinese Government, has listed Taiwanese airports as located in China ("CN"). In other words, Air Canada, a trademark Canadian corporation, has elected to assist the Chinese Communist Party in its relentless campaign to harass, repress, isolate and ultimately dominate democratic Taiwan.

Make no mistake: in the coerced changing of two letters lies an ominous precedent not only for the survival of democratic Taiwan, but for the future of Canadian sovereignty and liberal democracy around the world.

In response to the same threats, the US and Australian governments delivered full-throated rebukes to the Chinese Government for its interference in their countries' airlines. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Trudeau remains silent.

We believe the time has come to provide a "re-education" to Air Canada, Canadian political leaders, and the Chinese Government, on the topic of Canadian values, culture and history.

In the name of democracy, human rights and freedom, Canadians have bled on battlefields across the world, from Sicily to Kapyong to Kandahar. Democracy, human rights and freedom—in spite of the geopolitical complexities of these past struggles, ultimately, it is these values that have served as the nation's moral compass.

But what have we become in 2018? A nation of hollow men and empty suits, clambering over each other to sacrifice our deepest values at the altar of the quarterly report?  When the Chinese Communist Party and the rest of the world sees how Canadians are so easily bullied and bought, when they see our meekness and lack of moral fortitude, what kind of precedent do we set for the future of Sino-Canadian relations and for Canadian sovereignty?

Standing tall in the face of Chinese repression, Taiwan is continuously recognized as one of—if not the—strongest democracies in Asia. Taiwan is an industrious, peaceful nation under the rule of law; a nation with a strong human rights record and all of the accoutrements that come with it. There is no country more deserving of Canada's recognition, support and partnership.

And so, if Air Canada values the sentiments of Canadians more than the sentiments of the Chinese Politburo, then respect the wishes of the Taiwanese people and their democratically elected government, and change that name.

If Air Canada wants business from Canadians, change that name.

If Air Canada is still first and foremost a Canadian firm, change that name.

By signing this petition:

(1) We pledge to boycott Air Canada until the location of Taiwanese airports is restored to "TW" in place of "CN".

(2) We demand that Prime Minister Trudeau publicly rebuke China for its attempts to threaten and bully a Canadian business.