Help get The Smashing Pumpkins to perform in Dublin, Ireland in 2019

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"come align for the big fight to rock for you!"

To all those sad machines, graceful swans and all us rats that have ever walked in shoes too big feeling the slam of the cage door on their young teen lives. I make an offer to you all to help me get one of the most important, iconic, powerful, beautiful Rock bands back to our Island.

Not to serve as some kind of nostalgia, 'memba-berry' festival or to live in the past. But a celebration of the songs that saved our lives, that helped us overcome our struggles, deaths, suicides, depressions, love, life and to live in the present and enjoy the poetry that inspired us to think deeper, to write, to pick up guitars, to become drummers, to become better than our past selves and to hold on and reach out for our brethren. 

Why now? Well... The Smashing Pumpkins saved my life. I first heard Bullet in 2000 in the Olympia Theatre. While standing in the circle waiting for JJ72 to perform, this seminal moment in my life was about to happen. Another song ended and their was a tense suction of air as those first lines were spoken. A spark, that broody, hypnotic riff behind a serpentine beat exploding into an anthemic chorus like a defibrillator waking up teens all over the world... I still remember it, I can still feel it, I can touch the image in my mind, I turned to my older cousin who brought me and asked him who that was, "The Smashing Pumpkins" - "Who?".  I was 14yrs old and an angst ridden, anxiety filled, contrarian, idealistic kid who was seeking and imploring the world to fit to his ideals and struggling with all the adolescent emotions of believing, feeling and knowing the world was bearing down on me like a meteorite. I was obsessed. It was an opiate. 

The Smashing Pumpkins have reformed with 75% of the original line-up and hit the road touring with a well received tour full of hits, fan favorites, the bands personal favorites and beautiful evocative imagery and production. However, there isn't enough attention or dates on the tour.
Why? Billy and the SPS became a laughing stock of the media in the 2000's, critics turned on them for not playing to their ideals, fans moved away; lost, disappointed, expectations burned or some not ready to move on with the band to another plateau. Billy, self-admittedly, helped propagate a negative caricature of himself. The power of clickbait stories with fake narratives and lies were just a never ending losing battle with Billy living under the sword of damocles.

The last 18 months I've seen tons of interviews with Billy and he's been completely open and honest about his past, his present and his legacy and beliefs.Billy has always been presented to us by the media as a pretentious narcissist He's stripped back all those mechanisms of defence that he used to fight the media and trolls. He's now a humble, accepting, understanding soul with an insatiable appetite for intelligent discussions on music, culture, politics, religion, to learn and provide guidance, support and help to others. 

Lets help them!! Lets support those artists that have gotten us to here.

To those who left, its never too late to come back and discover the treasures.

To those who never left, I thank you. 

To those yet to discovery, I am excited for you!

Let's hope for the most beautiful Indian summer for the the SPS.

The idea is to get enough signatories to show there's enough support to get own of the promoters to book them.  

Please sign, share and feel free to add any personal stories about The Smashing Pumpkins!