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In 2014 the Dragonball Z card game was brought back from the dead by Aik and the rest of the team at Panini.  This game was modeled after the old game and despite some early hiccups (a lack of advertising, delays to organized play and other official aspects of the game) it was a success, the first set has gone through multiple printings and now Regional Championships are exceeding initial expectations (Gencon originally had 64 open spaces and ended up with 220 players, the original prerequisites for stores to host a regional event was having space for 64 players.  The lowest turn out so far has been something like 80 with the largest hitting 190.)

But there is a major issue facing this community and having a negative effect on the game in general.  Mandatory triggers, or how mandatory triggers are handled have become a headache.  Players are now responsible for their opponents game state as well as their own.  If both players miss a mandatory trigger effect they can both be penalized regardless of whose card or effect it was.  This coerces a player to put himself at a potential disadvantage because of his opponents negligence.  It can lead to rewarding lazy and careless play and does not necessarily reward attention to detail and focus, which I think we can agree are major parts of card games and should be rewarded. 

So here is what I am proposing to remedy this issue:
An amended ruling in the Tournament guide that states that each player is responsible for his or her own board and effects.  

Players will be responsible for:
Maintaining an organized play area, activating their own effects, and properly representing their actions (including damage from attacks).

Players should not be responsible for:
Playing their opponents game for them.  A player should not have to give someone who isn't paying attention an advantage in beating them.

I hope this petition receives support from the players in this community so the people at Panini know this change would be for the benefit of the many and not the few

EDIT:  This article makes a very good argument for what I am suggesting.

Specifically these 4 main points.

You cannot choose to ignore your triggers (doing so remains Cheating).
Your opponent is not required to remind you if they don’t want to.
You have until a trigger requires a decision or visibly affects the game to remember and demonstrate awareness of it, after which point it becomes missed.
Once a trigger is missed, whether or not it happens is up to the opponent.

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