Postpone MidYear AIIMS exam from 11th June 2020

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Apart from concerns of maintaining social distancing before and during the exam, and exposure of young doctors to the virus' transmssion links, there are practical difficulties of travelling to exam centres.

Let me talk of the problems in Chennai, with gradual unlocking planned only from June 8! From my first-hand knowledge. I am sure this holds good in other cities too!!

Let us say, someone has to come into Chennai, from a different district, you will need to obtain an e-pass. They check your temperature in between..what if your anxiety leads to a little rise in temperature? There is more concern n checks if one is travelling between different color zones!!

Where will they stay? Where will they eat?

Even for students within Chennai, there are no Ola/Uber, buses, no metro, no EMU services, how would students reach exam centres? It is possible only if they have their own mode of transport!!!

I am sure other cities/towns have the same difficulties! Even Delhi has inter-State-border-problems. I just hope authorities will understand! 

Our young medical students and young doctors would be risking their health if they choose to attend the exam at this juncture, or be at an unfair disadvantage by losing out on this twice-a-year opportunity after (having struggled) to pay money for their exam fee! An earnest request to the authorities to postpone the exam to a date when the curve would have flattened. Thank you!  

Yours sincerely,

Dr.Rajarathna Thangavel, MS(Ophthal), DNB(Ophthal), FICO(UK), Fellowship OcularOncology(University of Michigan); Consultant Ophthalmologist, Vasan Eye Care, Chennai