Create Stricter Laws in Victoria to Stop Violence Against Women

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We are seeing cases of women getting assaulted, raped and murdered in Victoria, the most recent being the rape and murder of student, Aiia Maasarwe. The police is able to track and catch many perpetrators. The current legal system is not a deterrent in stopping such cases.

We have seen many similar cases in the recent past, such as the assault and murder of Jill Meagher amd Eurydice Dixon, which bring pain to the entire community. The tragedy of not being able to save the lives of these people is a reality that no one should face.

"Victorians are united in sadness. In anger that this bright young woman's life was taken from her. I hope we are also united in determination. That we can – and must – end this culture of violence against women", as you said Premier Daniel Andrews on 17 Jan.

Homicide Detective Inspector Andrew Stamper said regarding Aiia's murder that "the “absolutely horrific” and “random” attack was inflicted on a completely innocent member of the community."

The community strongly believes that harsher penalties and fear of repercussions are important deterrents in stopping such incidents.

If we keep trying to find reasons and correct some men's behaviour of disrespecting women, we will lose many more lives. It is important to have long term programs to work upstream and teach some men to be respectful to women. However, we need to implement stricter laws NOW to stop the loss of any more INNOCENT lives.

Although the current Victorian government boasts about equal number of women in the ministry, it now needs to translate this commitment to making it a safer environment within the community for all women. Every woman has the right to walk home safely. Every parent has the right to expect their child get home safely. Women in the ministry have a special role to play, taking it beyond the political party lines. We need a public debate on having harsher laws, as no mother or father would like to hear a news like that Daniel.

With this petition we appeal to the Premier of Victoria and Attorney General of Victoria to act on the public appeal via this petition as its your job as the Premier and Law makers to keep the community safe.

- Gutted community of Victoria

P.S - photo picked up from related news article. Due acknowledgement -  Picture: Nicole Garmston Source:News Corp Australia from internet.

P.S - for those signing the petition.

I have purposefully petitioned for a very specific issue we face as a community. General law and order is an issue currently and it has advocacy around it for quite some time without much success.
Reason for this very focused petition is that in this instance, no counter lobbying group would / could stand up opposing it.
As parents and community we all are concerned about crims out on bail after getting caught by police for all kinds of crimes...but vote politics stops any action by pollies. Not on this issue, its a very specific simple request, if heard and handled will benefit all genders.