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Petitioning CEO & Board of Directors AIG

AIG CEO & Board of Directors: Stop immediately the lawsuit against the American taxpayer.

Outrageous! That’s the only word to describe the shameful discussion taking place inside the boardroom today of the New York-based insurance giant AIG. This is the same failed conglomerate that American taxpayers bailed out to the tune of $182 billion back in 2008. And now this company is considering a lawsuit against the United States government because it didn’t like the terms of the bailout.

AIG’s reckless bets and fiscal mismanagement became the poster child of Wall Street excess. And for this company to even consider suing is a direct slap in the face of every American taxpayer. It’s even more insulting given the fact AIG just started a public relations campaign “thanking” America for saving it from ruin.

We the People need to express our disgust at the AIG's lack of gratitude and absence of judgment. As a matter of fact can we have the $182 million back please!

Letter to
CEO & Board of Directors AIG
Stop immediately the lawsuit against the American taxpayer.