Aiesec in Bahrain Awarness

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Hello All,

If you are reading this petition, I am very glad you took the time out to hear my concerns. I was a volunteer EP in Aiesec Bahrain this summer; the digit pamphlet I received explained that it is a 6 week project, which included having volunteer work to do during the whole time. It also mentioned a 40 BD TN fees, living expenses of being only between $300-$600, visa assistance ( later called an AIESEC visa), airport pick up and drop off, and a shared accommodation among boys and girls. These expectations and standards are also withheld in the contract we signed with AIESEC, however, almost every part of the contract was broken on AIESEC’s behalf. To say I was disappointed, would not be fair for the many other EP’s struggles of not having a project during the last half weeks of their entire stay. AIESEC Bahrain also did not explain until we arrived that the TN fees would be 50 BD for EP’s considered “late approval.” This is just some of the major big problems a majority of the EP’s experienced during their stay under AIESEC Bahrain. My own witness of problems included being put in an accommodation with roaches in the kitchen, bedroom, living room, and bathroom, seeing a shared accommodation with at least 15 people occupying it, being told to go renew my visa alone when it states that I would receive assistance, and living expenses going far over the amount that would help me survive here in Bahrain. Something needs to be done about AIESEC Bahrain, whether that includes other AIESEC organizations getting involved around the globe or the organization being shutdown entirely until the make improvements to their organizations, or I’m afraid future EP’s will experience the same difficulties in an experience that was supposed to be one of a lifetime.