Flawed AICTE makes recommendation against their own framed rule

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AICTE violates its own rules , regulations and notifications dated 4th January 2016

SCSC(Standing Complaint Scrutiny Committee) of AICTE including members:

1) Justice(Retd.) N.L.Tibrewal -  Chairman ,SCSC

2) Prof (Dr.) S.N.Deshmukh  - Member (Order not signed )

3) Prof.(Dr.) Ajay Monga   - Member

4) Prof(Dr.) Prerna Gaur  - Member

 have passed a biased recommendation/order dated 10th April, 2018  and rendered  the Unqualified Principal Mr. Ramjan Khatik of A.R. Kalsekar Polytechnic, Panvel, Maharashtra who is holding only M.E degree with 10 yrs Experience eligible for the post of Principal ,although MSBTE (letter dated 15th March,2018 )have confirmed that the Principal is not eligible and have asked the college to keep a qualified Ph.D principal instead.

Notification dated 3rd March 2010 , Page 31 stated that for the post of principal in polytechnic is "Qualification for the post of Head of Department and Ph.D in engineering" OR "qualification for the post of H.O.D".

However, later on 4th January ,2016, AICTE issued a clarification for anomalies through notification , Rule no 64. that "Ph.D is essential for the post of Principal in Diploma Level Technical Institutions."

To support their recommendation , SCSC while passing order dated 10th April 2018 has also cited a judgement passed by Kerala High Court ,where M.E degree holder was allowed as principal, which case is doubtful and which seems to be a made up story since they did not mention the case number and parties involved in citation of Kerala High Court and just threw up any words they wanted.

This clearly indicates a biased decision ,as if this becomes a valid rule to be eligible for the Post of Principal by a candidate having M.E Degree only. Those Ph. D candidates who waste (as now as per this only M.E will suffice ) their 3+ yrs are losing on their share for the post.

This also affects the standard of education by employing low qualified people as it benefits the private colleges and their trusts who in lieu pay them lesser salary.

 According to Rule 10.2 of Grant of Approvals for Technical Institutions Regulations, 2016,  dated  30/11/2016, if the Principal is unqualified , the punishment includes reduction in intakes and no admission for one academic year for institutes.


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2) Against such private institutions and trusts who wants to reap benefits by paying less salary despite students paying hefty fees for quality education which they deserve.