Right to Know Indian Knowledge Systems

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This petition is about awareness of Indian knowledge systems. It will empower people with innovative thought process and value based cultural practices. There can always be more than one point of view in the world of scholarship. 

Bhartiya Vidya Saar is a two volume elective course text on ancient Indian thought processes. It includes Hindu, Buddhist and Jain traditional knowledge. It covers science, mathematics, philosophy, linguistics, aesthetics and holistic living. 

This is an optional course prepared by domain experts associated with the Gandhi Peace Prize recipient, Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan. All content is sourced from original ancient works. Students of engineering institutions across India are free to choose this course or not.

It is misleading to automatically equate anything ‘Hindu’ with ‘hindutva’. , the right to know the history of Indian thought belongs to all those with an interest in it. Indian scriptures are treatises for the constant development of knowledge over the years, with analytical commentaries. 

This petition is an attempt to oppose those who wish to sabotage the study of ancient Indian thought. Since the petitioners do not oppose Western and other oriental systems, rather aim at syncretic thought, it is desirable that freedom of expression may be given to all disciplinary frameworks and systems.