Stop Indian Government from isolating 4 million people in Assam

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4 million Bengali migrants - living in Assam, India for decades - are being stripped of their Indian citizenship.  This is feared to be the start of isolation and discrimination, which has the undertones of Rohingya crisis.   

Under the Assam accord of 1985, Indian Government signed up to giving citizenship to migrants from Bangladesh who entered India prior to the Independence of Bangladesh, 25th March 1971.   However, these migrants, who were largely uneducated and unequipped, settled in the wetlands dotted along the Bramaputra river and moved around when water levels rose.  The paperwork to establish their date of entry into Assam, India, if it exists, is often inaccurate.  

The recent actions of the Indian government to verify the identity of this ethnic minority group of Bengalis and consequently striking them off the National Register of Citizens (NRC) are indicative of a possible sinister motive.  Local activists and media reports suggest that this is on the back of Hindu nationalists and Assamese hardliners to unleash their violent hatred against this predominantly Muslim minority community.  A community that has already suffered violent ethnic riots in past. This has all the markings of Rohingya Crisis where millions were butchered and raped and forced to flee.  PLEASE JOIN ME IN CALLING UPON THE GOVERNMENT OF INDIA AND THE UNITED NATIONS TO ENSURE COMPLETE SAFETY OF ASSAMESE BENGALI MUSLIM MINORITY.

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