I've been invisible and without a citizenship since I was 4 years old

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As a young woman who has been raised in Québec since I was 4 years old, I have had the pleasure of being brought up in the Canadian culture. My whole life, I have been schooled in Québec, I've gotten good grades, learned both official languages, and I've participated in both social and community activities. My whole life is rooted here; the Canadian culture is all I know. I thought this was what being Canadian meant, until I reached College, and was denied the right to education.

So far, my adoptive auntie and I have been working on fixing mistakes that were made during my adoption process, when I was only a toddler. My passport was lost by my adoptive parents, and never retrieved. I don't have any identification papers from both my birth country, St-Vincent and the Grenadines, nor the country I was raised in, Canada. I am now faced with the problem of putting things back in order, and this is why I need to reach out, as I feel this is too big of a task for one person. Four years now, that's the time we've spent trying to make me eligible to work in my own country.

What I need now, is for the Canadian government to hand me my Permanent Residensy card, which is already made, instead of having me go through the corrupt system of the Caribbean. This matter is time sensitive, because if I don't get my papers before I graduate, at the end of May 2019, my name will be taken off the College's records and my schooling won't be recognized. Since this is such a special case, my government should be able to provide me with this alternative, instead of going through a system that'll keep asking me for money that I can't work for.  As a human being, I also deserve a voice, freedom, and the right to make a living. I shouldn't have to pay for previous mistakes that were out of my control. By signing my petition, these are the goals you'll help me achieve.

If we succeed, I will finally be able to find my place in the Canadian society, and play an important role as an active member of the community. On the other hand, not obtaining my Canadian Citizenship would make me dependent on others, and would drag down the economy by losing a member of the workforce. On a more personal level, I would be affected because, as an adult, I am constantly dependent on others, I've given away the opportunity of visiting members of my biological family, I have no voice, no freedom. I can't even open my own bank account.

I value the time you took to read through my case, and to show your support by signing this petition.