New Hospital Option for Lee County Citizens!

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Independent Physicians Association of Lee County
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The Independent Physicians Association of Lee County (IPALC) currently represents the interests of physician members and patients of Lee County. Our association has been involved in the Lee County health care market for approximately 14 years.  Our physician members work with the current hospital system daily.

Recently, IPALC learned that the Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) has identified an area in Lee County to develop a new hospital.  If built, this new hospital will give the citizens of Lee County a new option and location for acute hospitalization care. Hospital Corporation of America historically has proven the ability to own and operate hospitals across the country.

We are a very concerned association of physicians who believe competition in health care, including hospital services, will improve the community’s health and economic/financial status. IPALC is presently in support of the CON application for Medical Center of Southwest Florida, LLC ("MCSWF") to develop a new acute care hospital in Lee County. 

Lee County is primarily dominated and monopolized by one healthcare system: Lee Health. Lee Health proposes to build another hospital in this community in direct response to HCA’s application.  If MCSWF is given the opportunity to enter the local market, the surrounding community of Estero will have a tax paying, for-profit hospital system and a market alternative for patient health care choices. Residents of the service area and local employers will benefit from increased competition for health care services ensuring greater choice, better access to care, and reduced rates for insurance plans.

Should Lee Health be approved instead of MCSWF, Lee Health would strengthen their current monopoly on hospital beds in Lee County, which could ultimately drive the cost of care higher for insurance plans and limit choice of providers and specialists for patients.