Justice for Nasreen Kausar! A flourishing soul is seeking for your voice. Let's help her!

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  • They killed her. 
  • Mariyam_Ajmal_Women_College.
  • 22/09/2018

It is very difficult for the people and for the youths like this little girl name - Nasrin Kausar , student of intermediate in Mariyam Ajmal College Hojai, Assam, India, Branch- Science.

It's impossible to get acclaimed the mainstream of love, support and correction from this world becuase there are more improper relentless_behaviour of the system and the teachers. The regressive ways are embraced by the teachers cause they have comepltey lost their mental_balance towards a student to frame them without restraining. They stab their inflated_balloon and victimize the poor souls for no reason. These sloshed_people love to play with the students and with their life deliberately to force to take the deplorable_decision. This girl was too innocent and a flourishing_soul but they took her life away by overwhelming on her personal_life. No_teachers and even parents have rights to make bondage any students ever. "What is a teacher?". A teacher is an Emollient  towards a student anxiety to upfront them for their better_future. A teacher is not somebody who has rights to check your text msg , your e-mails , your  phone calls  and your fidelity. A teacher has no rights to baffle with your closet. To be honest with you, even I had faced the differential dicrcmitnation in my intermediate by our own Principal.

This girl has taken her life off and you cannot cook_up how much she had been mentally_tortured and scared of being in monstrosity created by some teachers. These people made the apartheid laws in the college to differentiate students depending on their capability and unsolicited disposition. It's a crime to judge somebody who have no f***** idea how they have been striving in their life. My question is to every single dynamic and sophisticated human being, Tell me Who is responsible for this unwanted diminishing of this little girl who had nothing to do with any teacher's life? Of course, the weaker kids deserve a little more care and nurturing but they played with her life and forced her to do this kinky act.

According to her mates, and closed_people. They are afraid to manifest the third degree given by the Principal, Vice_Principal and one of the female_teachers because they caught her talking over phone in hostel. I don't know how much the truth is significant but there are facts that her parents were asked by the Principal to victimize her and let her feel shame for using mobile phone in hostel. The Principal was going to expose her personal_life and text_messages fore of her parents. My question to every individual_teacher, Tell me , is not it your responsibility to save the children from betraying? Hence patents send them to you, else they can do the same thing in their own house with more love and effection.

Why you are being a teacher when you have no ability to efflorescence the students and teach them the morality. If this little poor soul is shrivled and compelled just because she had a Smart_Phone_kept in her hostel, then these culprits must be sealed and prisoned for forever. I as a human being, and a fighter for justice is asking the Assam_Govt and The_Ajmal_Foundation to look on this case and give her Justice.