More Inclusive AFUHSD Graduation Regalia

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The current policy for stoles and cords at graduation includes: stoles for IB Diploma, NHS, StuGo; cords for top 1, 5, 10%.

The Class of 2018 finds these standards restrictive, as they discriminate against the diverse and ambitious student body.

Specifically at the Millennium campus, IB Certificate candidates (students who take up to seven IB courses, but choose not to complete Diploma capstones; similar to AP college-credit courses), West-Mec students, and United Blood Services drive organizers are not permitted to wear their cords at graduation. All of these programs fall under the areas of academia, service, and student leadership that are already deemed qualified for honorable regalia. Students work for these accomplishments for months to years at a time and deserve recognition for their work. 

Upon signing this petition, I proclaim my support for expanding the graduation regalia policy to include permission to wear cords and stoles of all academic, service, and student leadership organizations that are regionally, nationally, or internationally recognized.