Support FN99 to continue operating at 5400 Duncan Bay Rd

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Please sign our petition to continue practicing business at 5400 Duncan Bay Rd.  Without us our community wouldn't have anywhere to recycle vehicles or the environmental hazards that come from vehicles.  We employ 6 families here at FN99 and work hard to keep our business operating to the highest standards set by the Automotive Recycling Environment Association.  The Gold status certificates are hung with pride in our office!  We are also proud of the service we provide to numerous customers, shops, ICBC and race car drivers that we sponsor.  We are an essential part of the auto recycling food chain and need your support to continue operating at this location!  This petition is in response to one created and posted in Shar-Kare in Campbell River, meant to remove us from operating on land that has not been farmed for many, many years.  Land that is surrounded by other industrial business' operating in the same ALR zone.  FN99 has been in business in this location for over 25 years and we hope to continue to do so for as long as possible.