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Include Farm Weddings as a form of Agri-Tourism!

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 Please help our farms stay alive!

Everyone loves buying fresh vegetables, organic meats and healthy foods. Sadly, this is getting more and more difficult and extremely expensive these days. Most of our foods are coming from China and other countries because it's cheaper to buy highly processed, chemically treated and GMO foods from them, then it is to farm these items on our own land.

Farming income is almost impossible to survive on. Most farms need to incorporate Agri-Tourism and on-site farm sales, but even the income earned from this is very little.

The truth is, it's very expensive to farm. Most of us do it because we love the life but studies are showing that as farmers are passing away, our children aren't taking the farms over, but rather selling the land because they know how hard their parents worked all their lives and how little money they've ever had to show for it.

Over the years, many farms have opened up our barns to allow farm weddings. An incredible family event held in the most beautiful of locations allowing people from all over to gather at our farm. While the Bride and Groom are taking pictures, farmers get to offer on-site sales to the guests, give them farm tours showing them how things go from the ground to the store shelves, let them meet the animals. They love it!

Wedding income helps farmers put money back into our farms, expand crops, fix broken machines, hire local help, etc. If we're lucky, they can pay the bills from year to year but that's about it. If we have extra income you won't see us driving around in fancy cars, you'll see us buying a new tractor, a tractor that will be used for land and crops.

The government recognizes that farmers live in the poverty range, so they allow us to farm and as well as have an outside job (which most of us are forced to do to survive). We can work a 9-5 job in the city, taking us away from the farm, crops, livestock, etc, 5 days a week, 8-10 hours a day. But they don't want us to find a way to bring in income right on here on our farms?

Weddings are a way to showcase our agri-tourism and allow us to earn income while staying on our farm 24/7, enabling us to fully care for animals and crops full time.

No one wants to see viable land turned into another mall or subdivision. But to restrict farm weddings? Why? And what's next?

We pay regular income tax on the money earned and have lots of rules and bylaws to follow like everyone else. Weddings aren't a good solution for everyone, but for those of us who wish to share our farms with couples wanting to get married in a barn, we believe that weddings are an excellent way to help us earn money and keep us farming our lands, and bring more local produce and awareness to our own communities.

Please sign our petition and help us get the Agricultural Land Commission to include weddings as a part of Agri-Tourism, help our farms survive!

You're voice truly matters.

Thank you.

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