Is the development of the agricultural industry possible?

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Iranian or foreign startups! This is a question that is very active in the field of agriculture. Today, most fields have new discoveries and technological advances in agriculture. Problems are needed. Iran is one of the most primitive countries in the world where agriculture and agriculture have started and about one third of Iran's lands have the ability to cultivate, but due to poor soil and poor quality, water is not distributed in most arable lands. . Of course, there are Iranian startups that have achieved some success in this field, but it is not enough that Iranian startups need to raise their scientific and technical level to be able to compete with foreign startups. Introducing the best startups in the agricultural sector to improve performance and increase the scientific level of farmers is an effective step to set up startups in the agricultural sector in Iran to improve planning, services and the creation of specialized networks in the agricultural industry.
Introducing foreign startups
1) Company: Lags Farm Activity Section: Agriculture, Agricultural Activities Control and Planning Platform

With the help of the software platform, the company helps farmers in agricultural management, marketing and sales activities. The software provided by this company contains the sections of marketing, planning, reporting, rainfall and 2. In the marketing section, features such as market price analysis, risk assessment, revenue modeling, and sales forecasting are included. In the planning section, it offers points such as the amount of planting in each land and the type of product, the type of fertilizer used, agricultural activities and its costs. In the Health Image Imaging section, it provides information about the scarcity and type of disease by providing satellite imagery.
Company Name: Stella App Activity Section: Animal Husbandry, Agricultural Activities Control and Planning Platform

The startup offers online platforms to farmers and farmers to gather information on milk and dairy supply. The company has developed systems for the milk and dairy supply chain in India. To supply milk, the company uses SmartAMCU software to coordinate and improve the milk purchased from small farms in India, and informs the buyer about the quality and quantity of milk measured and the price of milk. The company's other software, ConTrak, tests milk storage conditions, such as temperature and cleanliness. And the company's other software is software that allows farmers and ranchers to sell their products and receive payment without intermediaries.
Company Name: ISCO Section: Farmers in Deprived Areas, Information and Support Services Platform

The company operates to access farmers' information in deprived areas such as Ghana and Tanzania. Its activities are for survey activities such as market situation, number of workers and farmers.