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Drop your rip-off "exit fees" for customers wanting a better deal

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These rising power bills are pushing me to the brink. I'm sick of it – and struggling here – and I can't imagine what it's like for people worse off than myself.

But it's not just the bills that get me. It's that electricity companies have added tricks like "exit fees" of up to $70 if you want to leave themfor a better deal. 

Over the weekend I heard Origin Energy have ended their exit fees. That's fair, and good on them. It's simply gouging customers. And more than that, these fees are helping retailers to keep their prices high because they've made it near impossible to move to a cheaper retailer.

I can't imagine any other business situation where you'd get away with this kind of practice. This is just bullying by our big retailers, because they think they can.

I call rip-off. It's time our energy companies stop treating us for fools. Other major energy retailers – your energy provider – should follow Origin's lead by ending the gouging of customers with "exit fees".

If enough customers demand their energy retailer drop these fees too, they'll be forced to act or risk their tarnishing their brand. Please sign my petition and share it around. I'll update this page with any news of other retailers that are doing the right thing for customers on this front.

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