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Agents Unite to fight Guru 400% Price Hike

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Dear PropertyGuru,

You might have forgotten - you exist, because we supported you.

Just thought to remind you… for many years, we gave you our listings, we asked our clients to check out your website, we became your biggest marketing force, and we gave you our hard earned money to support you.

Did you forget?

Over the years, not only have you keep adding ways to squeeze more revenue out of us, especially the very *toxic* pay-to-repost system, where you make us go to war with each other, to keep outbidding each other to get leads, while you quietly profit. So much so, in many cases, you completely ignored the fact that the top reposted listing may not even be real, or whether it is what the consumer is looking for.

Now… you seem to want to squeeze agents dry and increase price on us 400%, you probably believe that, just like your past price increases, we will just quietly swallow it and pay up. Or that even if there are many of us who would be angered, we would never been united enough to take any action.

Well, YOU ARE WRONG. This time you REALLY crossed the line. This price hike is unacceptable, not only this would increase our marketing cost by 400%, it would wipe out many of our income. Are you serious? Did you forget who made you what you are today?


This petition is to request you to completely take back your price hike scheduled for 1st Sep, for the good of all in the industry. We will forgive you this one time if you take it back, otherwise we will have more to come.

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