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Excerpts From The New Paper dated 20 June 2019

“He had a dismal driving record, yet Tan Bock Lim still chose to drive the 4,000kg minibus when the road was wet. That decision cost a man his life.” 
“From 1996 to 2017, Tan had a total of 12 speeding records, three incidents of careless or inconsiderate driving, and one incident each of beating a red light, failing to signal and using his mobile phone while driving.”
“For causing death by negligent act, Tan could have been jailed for up to two years, or fined, or both.”

Eventual Sentencing 
“He was jailed for four weeks and disqualified from driving for five years after he ran over and killed 25-year-old Jevainthiran Rajendran.”

Jevainthiran and his brother lost their father at a tender age of 5 and 1. He was looked after by his maternal grandparents while their mum went to work although she did not have a pink of health. When he finished his NS, he was working all sorts of jobs that came his way, from being a grab driver, delivery man, chauffeur, shop assistant, security guard and many more just to ease his mother’s burden and to give them a better life. Now he is gone buy a rash act of a driver with so many records of bad driving.

The family went to the court hearings twice and Tan Bock Lim was not even remorseful. He did not utter a word of sorry when he faced them. He did not pay them a visit to apologise. He was nowhere at the scene to let them know what happen nor did he feel guilty to apologise to them for taking away a life.

4 weeks for a life?

Disqualified from driving for only for 5 years? Nothing is equivalent to a life lost but THIS verdict is not acceptable. 

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