Agata drops university and opens a restaurant

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There was once upon a time a polish girl named Agata. As it is known, Agata is a top geographer. Nevertheless, she often struggles in the university because she is too happy and her professors are too gloomy. Therefore, she feels out of place in the academic environment, and needs a change of heart.

Agata, the positive polish girl, has tasted Portuguese food. She loved it. Agata learned that Portuguese boil fish, while in Poland it is only fried or baked in the oven. As a result, our polish girl is charmed by Portuguese cuisine, and is feeding the dream of dropping university to open a restaurant in Warsaw.

Agata needs moral support to her idea. She needs people to push her, to acknowledge her passion, to give her hope and confidence. Please sign this petition. When we gather 20 votes, Agata will drop the university and open the restaurant of her dreams. Let's make one person happy. Let's make the world a better place.

I'm counting on you.

Best regards,


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