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Petitioning NGO “Filhos do Coração” (Chldren of the Heart) Against Children Slavery at Volta Lake – Ghana.

Against Children Slavery at Volta Lake – Ghana.

Children of the HEART – Against Children Slavery at Volta Lake – Ghana.


Ghanaian children who, with knowledge or without, are trafficked for intermediaries or for the parents to work in fishing communities believing that they will be fed, ordered for the school and will learn a useful profession, are forced to long hours to thread of heavy and dangerous work because the "owners" do not want or cannot pay adult persons for doing this activity.

In accordance with the OIM, this includes deep immersions in the waters of the Lake Volta to gather nets of fishing that have already caught fish, a work that cost already children’s lives. They also were severely undernourished, in weak conditions of health, and very often abused physically or verbally.

Trafficked, juveniles during many years, suffered experiences that left, indelible, physical and mental marks. When rescued they revealed high levels of bad nutrition, defective growth, malaria, and other diseases that apply for medical urgent treatment.

A Portuguese NGO “Chldren of the Heart” (Filhos do Coração), sponsored by Alexandra Borges, a journalist from a local and independent TV Network, “TVI”, is making an enormous effort in order to rescue most of the children as possible.

The NGO also tries to contact the traditional chiefs of communities from where the children are trafficked, as well as local partners to sensibilise them on the dangers and consequences of the juveniles' traffic and to inform them about the different laws that can affect them, including the Law of Ghana on Traffic of Human Being, of 2005.

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    Against Children Slavery at Volta Lake – Ghana.

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