Against Blanket / Irrational Farm Loan Waiver out of tax payers money

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Hi, I want your support to stop the loot of tax payers money in the name of farm loan Waiver.It kills the repayment culture among the farmers subjecting the banking system to higher stress

I'm sure each of you know at-least one person who has taken

1. farm loan knowing very well it will be waived by government and used that money to make Fixed Deposits. I know one person who has done this, who is well off and has kept fixed deposits wroth 10L in bank and does not pay any tax. Already got one waiver earlier. 

2.  Person who is well off stays in a city or town and has agriculture land and takes loan hoping to get waiver. I know one person who has done this, who has owe house (two houses no housing loan) has a big car and already got one waiver earlier.

3. Your colleague or friend who is well off and enjoys a middle class life and has agriculture land in his or his parents name and takes loan looking for waiver.

Government should identify real needy farmers and waive the loan only for them. until Government is able to do this the waiver should be held back.

Farm loan is taken at 3% and kept as FD for 8% or used for hand lending business

The Government should look at other ways to support farmers. We already have many schemes to support farmers like

Minimum support price, Crop Insurance, Health insurance under Govt. Schemes, RTE for school admission for need farmers, many more schemes.

A better long term solution would be to invest in weather proofing Indian agriculture. Building irrigation infrastructure, connecting rivers, adopting dry land farming, changing cropping patterns and embracing modern/more efficient farming practices will help. Also, promoting crop insurance will prove to be useful and if required, the government can subsidise the premium to make such insurance schemes attractive for both insurers and farmers