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Me and kids have always been together since they were all born, until we facing authoritarians authorities imposed fear into our lives. The kids life are not the same DUE to the abusive of Children and Family in the a Ohio, U.S.Judge named "Jim Mason".

Videos and Pictures of me and kids  webpages

This Judge, whose name is judge "Jim Mason" in Columbus, Ohio, in coorlation with other agencies  ( Children Services, Section 8 HUD), working to make money on their CAREERS against family with children, violated our family Human Rights. This judge whose other people complained about him before from previous case, had violate my family Human Rights and it seems okay for him to do so.

He has no concern and respect for the children and no moral for family values. He was simply about making a case, and "having clients" are more important then doing the right things.

Judge didn't give me a Full Hearing standard as it was supposed to tell my side of story. Judge forced us to go on trial.

Judge was more interesting in "Lawyer" then in the truth. Judge predicted that because I do not have a lawyer, he would denied my evidences if the lawyer asks him to. When I asked why, judge told me because she is a lawyer and she knows what to say and I do know the words to say to show my evidence. I told the judge and the court baillif many many times, I obtained my eveidence used my Ipod, still judge denied my evidences in attempt to force a case against my family which currently affected me and my kids.

Now my kids in Ohio and I am in Florida....The abusive system against our family is spreading us apart. The poor Petitioner, does not know how to defend herself from her lawyer who pretends to be working on her side and the judge who is also a prosecutor against us.

He denied all the strong evidence, such as: Videos, Audio, Pictures in this case by the defendant side proving that the allegation were false and coerced by the petitioner.

Evidences: Videos & Pictures of me and children can be seen here:

Video of Petitioner was attacking me on my bed

Audio of Petitioner voice threatening, Cursing, Asking me for Money

The judge denied all these evidences and, at the end ruled against me, stated that " I found defendant unreliable and mumured throughout testimony". " I found no evidence petitioner was motive by money".

However, it seems that it has to do with an Authoritarian System in this country, that allowed him to do so. This system, in which people are being used as products, and have no equally rights and voice to defend themselves.

The country that claims to be FREE LAND, EQUAL OPPORTUNITY, JUSTICE RIGHTS, DEMOCRACY... the country that always pretending to help other country get their freedom...

The country that always to be the first to open its mouth declare this and that country government abuse of Human Rights---

This same country is hiding its true face of what it is really stands for.

This country says it stands fo Democarcy, Equal Opportunity, Jusctice, but when it comes to reallity it is full of OBSCURITY, B.S. Bias.

It's hard to see the true face of this country Justice, Freedom, Equality, Equal Opportunity that it always bragging about.

It seems like MONEY it's all that important in this country, NOT HUMAN BEING. You have NO MONEY= NO LAWYER= NO JUSTICE.

In this course, this country making it easy for CORRUPTED authorities to get away with abuse of people Human Rights, civil rights, by utilized a system of fear, a system of mockering, a system of dictatorship which making it SO HARD for people to defend themselves.






THE PETITION  "Against Injustice done by Judge named **Judge Jim Mason in Columbus, Ohio Court of Common Plea** " 


A judge name Jim Mason residing in the Family Court of Columbus, Ohio, whose previous cases people he handled have been complaint against him, violated my Human Rights-- Rights to defending myself and my children, and my family.


Rights to equal and fair trial.    Rights to have a jury trial. Rights to be freed of intimidation to represent myself.


This judge, in dealing with False Domestic Abuse case, PURPOSELY forced me to delay the trial...preteding it was for my own good, and in the end it was simply because there was no prove of their false accusation, so he wanted to give the lawyer against me time to find other prove.


The petititioner who also my wife, had been coerced by the lawyer from "Free Legal Aid"  to make her says thing against me.  She couldn't act on her own. For one, she is a foreigner in the country, so they took advantage of her turning her against her family.  


The children, who have been spending most of their time with me, the father, are now being with stranger who habitually using children for Income Taxes, Public Assistant Benefits.  


Videos and Pictures of me and children  can be seen here:


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