Investigate Terry Atchley, Wauchula City Manager for Fraud.

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Jack Smith
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Terry Atchley, the City Manager of Wauchula has been violating the City Charter since he was put in his position.

City Charter Article IV-City Manager
Section 4.01 Appointment, Qualifications and Removal
“He shall be chosen solely on the basis of his executive and administrative qualifications, and he need not be a resident of the City or State at the time of his appointment, but must become a resident of the City within one year of appointment.

Mr. Atchley does own a home within the City limits but has never lived there. That home was purchased for his in-laws back in 2009. He has changed his Drivers License, Voter registration and other things to reflect his City home. But, he never has lived in that home. Charter does not state "must own home in City limits" it states MUST BECOME A RESIDENT OF THE CITY LIMITS WITHIN ONE YEAR OF APPOINTMENT.

So in the end, he is not only violating the City Charter, he's committing Fraud by changing his address on his License to a home he does not live in. He is also committing fraud by claiming his City address on his Voter registration. Voting on City issues when he never has and still doesn't reside in the City limits.

He has also claimed Homestead on his City home, which he DOES NOT live in. His In-Laws do. Claiming homestead on a home you do not reside in is Homestead Exemption Fraud.

He is the City Manager, he creates Policies and Procedures for the City of Wauchula and he himself can't abide by the Charter that was created by the City.

We the Citizens demand this be Investigated and charges be filed against Terry for Fraud. For more information visit these 2 pages.

 City Commission will not reply to our emails. The City Attorney has also blocked my email address.