update Village of Afton peddling and amusements codes to benefit commerce and tourism

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The code law for peddling and amusements has not been revised for 11 years, the licensing fees specifically have not been revised for 19 years. It is in the best interest of the Village of Afton to update this code law and welcome more commerce and tourism to benefit all Afton town and village residents, business owners, churches, clubs, school teams and organizations, etc.

In addition to reviewing and reducing the licensing fee schedule, it is our suggested that the Village Mayor specifically should not be in complete control of 1 what events may take place, 2 what those events should be named, 3 all details of how these events should be organized, etc. Instead all licensing requests should go in front of the board of trustees for discussion and vote in the form of their regularly scheduled public meeting; or in a special meeting open to the public, called to order in the case of time sensitive matters.