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Extend After School Matters Program To More Illinois Cities

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After School Programs in Illinois 

 Thousands of teenagers in Illinois live below the poverty line in neighborhoods filled with gangs, drugs, and dangerous activities. Many of these troubled area's schools are underfunded, so they have little or no after school programs to prevent teens and preteens from staying away from harmful and illegal activities. Thus, it's crucial for these after school programs to exist in poverty and crimes-filled neighborhoods in Illinois. One incredible program that provides after school activities is After School Matters. ASM provides high quality, hands-on, project-based apprenticeship programs in a variety of content areas, including the arts, communications, science, sports and technology to more than 15,000 teenagers in Chicago, IL. Close to 90% of the students from CPS that qualify for ASM live below the Federal poverty line and 70% of the ASM students come from the lowest income neighborhoods of Chicago, like Rodgers Park and South Lawndale. 

Extending After School Matters

 The goal is this petition is to extend the After School Matters to other Chicago cities with high crime rates and high poverty rates. Since the impact of the program in Chicago has improved the city tremendously, it would only make sense to extend the program to help keep teenagers safe and supported in other cities of Illinois. The first city to expierence the extention of the brilliant after school program would be East St. Louis, IL. 93% of cities are deemed safer than East St. Louis as there is a 1 in 30 chance of being a victim of a crime if you are in the area. Similarly, 99.4% of residents are considered "economically disadvantaged." Thus, we believe extending this program will drastically improve the city while raising graduation rates and lowering the crime rate.

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