After hours graduation ceremony

After hours graduation ceremony

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Why this petition matters

Started by Nellie Lima


We oppose a 10:00am 45 minute ceremony with two tickets per student because:


1.   Parents who work are excluded or forced to choose between working and their child's graduation ceremony.  This may create an undo hardship for families.    An economic situation may be highlighted and more pressure is placed on families.  10:00am is not condusive to parents who have to work.  Students are negatively affected when they have no one in the audience supporting them.


2.  Two tickets per students is exclusionary.  Students want their parents, siblings, grandparents, etc. to attend their graduation and so do parents.  This has always been a family friendly event.  Generations of Rehoboth families have enjoyed this event and families and students look forward to it.  Don't attempt to take this tradition away from families.

3.  Social/Emotional/Mental Health/COVID   -  These students have already missed out on so many traditions due to the COVID pandemic, lock downs, mask mandates, home schooling, lack of socialization, lack of field trips, lack of in school assemblies,  etc.  There is a youth mental health crisis in the United States, in Massachusetts, in Rehoboth and at Beckwith Middle school.  Don't add another stressor to these students and don't intentionally take another thing away from them.  They have lost enough!

4.  Family Engagement -  we should encourage family engagement along with family and school collaboration.  Parent input should be solicited and taken into account.  There are a lot of generous people in this school community who gave input and volunteered to help with the planning and execution of an evening ceremony where all could be invited.   Families want to be involved in the education and celebration of their children; don't push them away!

5.  Social interaction  -  an evening event allows for socialization among graduates, their families, friends, relatives, etc.  This provides for reminiscing, is nostalgic and is a time honored tradition among the families of Rehoboth.  Generations of families have actively participated in an eighth grade ceremony at Beckwith.  There are photo opportunities and memories created.  Students want to do and have the same opportunities that their older siblings had.  Families want to provide the same for all their children.

6.  Class of 2026 -  The entire make up of this class will change dramatically once they complete Beckwith Middle School.  Some students continue to DR high school, others  go to Bristol Plymouth, some to Bristol Aggie, and still more continue on in a private high school.  Those that attend DR high school are joined by students from Dighton and together they form the DR Class of 2026.  It is a very, very different make up compared to what they have at Beckwith now.  Most of these students have gone to school together since Kindergarten at Palmer River.  Please give them an adequate opportunity to celebrate this milestone together.

7.  DEI -  Diversity, Equity and Inclusion  -   this is an important concept that the district supposedly supports.  Unfortunately the email with this ceremony information does the opposite. 

A forty minute morning ceremony with two tickets per student is a lame attempt to appease parents and students who have inquired about having a ceremony.  We see through this.  
There is a movement to hold a private ceremony in the evening for the students.  Is this what the teachers and administration want?    Parents are organizing and considering their options.  

Don't allow this to happen this year; it will effect every taxpayer with children at Beckwith.  

Please sign the petition!  Please send emails to everyone (teachers, principal, asst. principal, Superintendent, asst. Superintendent, School committee members,  town selectmen, friends, etc.)  Everyone needs to be involved!   This will effect the future classes of Beckwith.  Please post on all social media platforms.


272 have signed. Let’s get to 500!