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Abolish income Tax for Senior citizens above 70 years.

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In India,  due to advancement of age as well as  due to onset of various diseases like B.P & heart problems, Diabetes, various  Eye problems, dementia, prostatitis, low bone density , malnutrition even in elders, and also and other old age related problems Elders are unable to live independently and it becomes dire necessity for them to get the help of others. In such condition, even if they have some savings in banks etc., they cannot  take them for their use without others help.(it becomes dangerous to allow others to handle their finance). For their day to day life Elders require more money than a normal man to get his needs fulfilled. The Govt. is not able to take care of Elders as in Western countries. After one reaches 65 to 70 years all his senses diminishes.  In such condition he will not be able to pay any tax including INCOME TAX, for which he needs to get the assistance of some unknown person. In view of this all the Elders / Senior Citizens of India are requesting to abolish the Income Tax to those who crossed the age of 70, provide them " SENIOR CITIZENS ID CARD", for any concessions that both Center and State Govt., provides based on Aadhar card  and render justice to Elders.

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